Home health care offers supportive, loving services in a relaxed and familiar environment where you feel comfortable. It may let you stay in your home for longer before you decide to move to a nursing home. Your family wants to know that you have someone who looks after you, and your comfort gives them peace of mind. If you live in Monterey County or Hollister, CA, your local VNA & Hospice can provide the care that you need.

Getting Nursing Care

A home health care nurse can come to your home to give you hospital-level care. Some RNs prefer to provide top-notch home medical care to people like you. A home health care RN can take your vital signs, clean your wounds, draw blood, give you medication, and help you get around. You can count on your nurse to provide reliable and trustworthy care to satisfy your comfort and medical needs.

  • Your nurse can perform skilled services that include changing your dressings, managing your medications, and giving you an IV.
  • As an efficient organizer, your nurse coordinates the care that you may need from various health care providers.
  • A central source of knowledge about your medical condition, the nurse evaluates your health status and communicates it to doctors.
  • You can learn from your nurse how to understand newly diagnosed conditions such as heart issues or diabetes.

Benefiting from Physical Therapy

A home care physical therapist (PT) can improve your quality of life through motion and activity. The aging process can weaken your muscles and cause balance issues that lead to falls. With guidance from a PT, you may find that you can have less dependence on opioids. You can learn a lot about your body and how to use it efficiently. An alternative to an outpatient facility after surgery, in-home physical therapy may suit you perfectly. You can rely on a skilled professional therapist to provide the treatments that you need.

  • A physical therapist can assess your risk of falling and design a home exercise plan to help reduce it.
  • Recommendations from a PT may include assistive devices or medical equipment.
  • Working with a trained PT can improve your strength, balance, and mobility.
  • As your health improves through exercise, you may feel safer and more independent.

Letting an Occupational Therapist Help You

A trained professional in occupational therapy can visit your home to find ways to help you lead an active and independent life. By observing your activities during a day, an OT can assess your physical condition and suggest ways to make your life more pleasant. Some things that an OT can do for you include helping you get dressed or move safely around your house. You may enjoy some assistance in preparing or eating a meal. You can count on an OT to design some helpful ways to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

  • An initial evaluation of your home environment can help an OT determine how it affects your activities and safety.
  • You can receive recommendations for solutions and techniques that increase your independence.
  • An OC may identify new ways for you to perform the routine activities of daily living.
  • Some suggestions for a home exercise plan can help improve your overall safety through exercises that increase muscle strength and balance.

Improving Speech with Therapy

Communication lets you interact with everyone around you, and a speech therapist can help you cope with events that may affect it. Communication enables you to describe what you need or tell someone about a pain that bothers you. The natural aging process can make your vocal cords feel weak and unable to produce sounds the way you want. Some health events can affect your mouth and throat, limiting the way you talk, eat and swallow. A speech therapist can help you learn to speak again with vocal exercises that improve communication.

  • An evaluation by a trained therapist can identify any speech limitations or disorders that you may have.
  • Speech therapy can maximize functional independence in communication and swallowing.
  • Your risk of aspiration and choking may diminish with treatment from a speech therapist.
  • The benefits of speech therapy that can improve communication include helping you think more clearly and remember things more effectively.

Understanding Medical Social Worker Duties in Homes for the Elderly

Your family can gain peace of mind if you need to move to a facility that offers specialized services. Medical social workers can assist you through physical and emotional support. You can get the help there that you need, and your family wants to know that you feel safe and comfortable there. A social worker can help you adjust to your new living arrangement and give you the supportive counseling that eases your mind. As an advocate for your needs and rights, a social worker can represent your concerns in an effective way and perform essential services that matter to you.

  • Social workers help you achieve a sense of well-being and advocate on your behalf.
  • Your family can rely on a social worker to provide links to community resources.

Letting a Home Health Aide Help You

Personal care can sometimes present difficulties when you have trouble moving around or taking care of hygiene. A home health aide knows how to help you bathe, brush your teeth, use the toilet and get dressed or undressed. You can count on a friendly and knowledgeable helper when you need some assistance.

  • Your aide can help you move from one chair to another.
  • You can receive personal care that keeps you clean and comfortable.
  • An aide can take your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature on doctor’s orders.

Home health care lets you continue to live the way that you want to, and you can stay in touch with friends who may stop by to visit. As a resident of Monterey County or Hollister, CA, you have access to the local VNA & Hospice for the care that you need.