When it comes to aging, everyone needs some form of assistance from time to time. One of the best things a senior can do for his health is to get an occupational therapists. These home health care professionals are trained to assist patients’ in reaching the goal of living a high quality life as independently as possible. Some of the services occupational therapists provide include:

  • A home safety evaluation
  • Recommendations on solutions that can improve independence and mobility
  • Provide a personalized exercise plan
  • Assistance in improving strength, balance, and personal safety
  • Guidance in recreating daily routines to maximize quality of life

With all of the services they provide, it’s easy to see why occupational therapists are so often recommended to the elderly. After all, these certified professionals give their patients several home health care benefits. Keep reading to learn about the 4 major benefits home health care patients receive from occupational therapists.

1.) A Safer Home

It’s common for aging citizens to loose their sense of mobility and balance.  Occupational therapists can help keep aging loved one safe by installing safety features throughout the patient’s home. This includes handrails, grab bars, ramps, and walk-in bathtubs. These home modifications not only help patients remain safe, they also promote independence.

Another way occupational therapists help keep their patients safe is through fall prevention. In the elderly community, falls can be a major health problem. In fact, falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospital visits for people of the age of 65. Furthermore, falls are the primary leading cause of death for senior citizens.

Occupational therapists help patients become more aware of the fall risks that surround them in their every day life. If you hire an occupational therapist, he or she can teach you muscle building and balance exercises. Occupational therapists can also teach you how to avoid major fall risks while still living an active lifestyle.

2.) Aging In Place

It is common for many Americans to loose their ability to live on their own as they grow older and less mobile. However, nearly 90% of seniors would prefer to age in the comfort of their home instead of moving to a nursing facility or senior home. Thankfully,  home health care providers like Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice in Monterey County are here to help. With their help, elderly residents are able to get the assistance they need to spend their golden years at home.

In order to help patients achieve this goal, occupations therapists will work with other people in the patient’s community to develop beneficial partnerships. With the addition of safety features like non-slip floors, personal alert systems, and bathroom aides, occupational therapists can teach anyone how to be active and make the most out of their retirement.

3.) Improved Health and Mental Restoration

One of the most popular benefits of having an occupational therapist is that it can improve your health and aid in mental restoration. Any aging senior who wishes to remain in their home and maintain some form of independence can see the immediate benefit in this.

First, occupational therapists do a lot of work to make sure patient’s home are safe. They also teach their patients how to stay active and eat well. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many patients experience improved health. After all, occupational therapists focus on increasing the quality and satisfaction in each patient’s life. Occupational therapists can teach senior citizens how change their daily lifestyles and overcome fears to get the benefit of improved health.

Wondering how occupational therapists help with mental restoration? It’s not surprising if you do. After all, one of the aging population’s biggest concerns is the loss of mental abilities. However, occupational therapy can help patients retain their brain power. Through techniques like mental exercises, patients can get the mental exercise their brains need.

4.) Caregiver Relief

Anyone who has had to help care for an aging relative knows how caregiving can be both a rewarding and exhausting process. Thankfully, a fully trained occupational therapist can help relieve some of the common stresses and pressures of caregiving.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some time to yourself to run errands, visit friends, or just relax while a certified professional is providing your loved one with quality care? Just as occupational therapist teach their patients how to live active and independent lifestyles, they also teach caregivers who to practice self-care.

Find An Occupational Therapist Near You

Looking for an occupational therapy near you or your loved one? If you live in the Monterey County area, consider reaching out to Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice. Their trained staff are able to assist patients with all of their home health care needs, including occupational therapy. Contact one of their nurses at 831-226-7666 to learn more.