VNA Home Health Care

Our VNA Home Health Care team provides comprehensive, skilled services in the home. VNA Home Health services focus on rehabilitation and restoration of independence after surgery, an acute illness, as well as management and stabilization of chronic diseases. VNA provides intermittent care through the expert skills of our trained and certified staff, to assist patients, families, and caregivers in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

7 Benefits of Using Home Health Care Services

Our specialty trained staff work in teams to provide comprehensive care for those who need additional assistance to live a healthier lifestyle at home.

  1. We work with families, physicians, and other health providers to create a plan of care that is right for you.
  2. The service provided allow patients to return home from the hospital earlier, remain in their homes longer, and help to prevent return hospitalizations.
  3. Opportunities to continue health care access in the comfort of your home
  4. Ongoing at-home support of families and friends
  5. Lessens the financial burden of hospitalization and long term nursing home care
  6. Preserves the dignity of the individual
  7. Offers the ability to participate in personal advanced health care planning

VNA Home Health Care Services

visiting nurses home health care


  • Evaluates personal health and home environment
  • Provides education and resources to help you control negative symptoms
  • Coordinates care
  • Communicates progress with caregivers and doctor
  • Provides skilled nursing services such as dressing changes, medication management or IV care
vna physical therapist

Physical Therapist

  • Provides individual home exercise plan
  • Helps improve strength, mobility and balance
  • Encourages safety and independence
  • Recommends assistive devices or medical equipment
  • Assesses and treats your risk of falling
vna occupational therapist

Occupational Therapist

  • Evaluates your home environment and ability to functions safely
  • Recommends solutions and techniques to increase independence
  • Provides personalized home exercise plan
  • Helps improve strength, balance and overall safety
  • Identifies new ways to do activities of daily living
vna speech therapist

Speech Therapist

  • Evaluates speech limitations and disorders
  • Maximizes functional independence in communication and swallowing
  • Reduces the risk of aspiration and choking
  • Improves memory and thinking
vna medical social workers

Medical Social Worker

  • Assess needs and identifies limitations, barriers and/or safety concerns
  • Provides education and counseling to patients and families
  • Advocates for patients’ needs
  • Connects patients and families to necessary resources and support in the community
vna home health aide

Home Health Aide

  • Provides activities of daily living support
  • Assists with personal care, such as bathing, dental care, using the toilet, dressing and undressing
  • Helps with moving to and from furniture
  • Measures and records patient’s temperature, pulse and blood pressure when ordered

How to Receive Skilled Home Health Care

Contact VNA & Hospice at 831-375-9882 to arrange for services. Ask your physician for VNA or ask to speak with a VNA Nurse Care Coordinator while in the hospital, skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility. Our team members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Recent Testimonials

vna hospice 5 star reviews


“They took excellent care of my fiancé after he was discharged from the hospital with a post-surgery cut that needed to be packed. The nurses were friendly and respectful! I would highly recommend this agency because they are professional and knowledgeable.”
– Melissa W.

“I have been under the care of the VNA for a couple of weeks now. I find the nurses to be friendly and extremely caring. They truly seem to care about my well being.” – Gertrud Y.

“I was very fortunate to have a Physical therapist come to my house right after surgery to help me…The very first visit when he came in he was very pleasant professional and very knowledgeable about my condition.” – Sandra S.