Even as an adult, you still care about your parents. It’s natural to want to do what’s best for them. For many people, it can be hard to accept that their parents may need additional help at home. This is especially true for all matters related to home health care. After all, when it’s highly likely that if your elderly parents do need help, they will be the last ones to admit it.

One reason for this is parents fear that admitting they need help will lead to a lack of freedom. However, home health care focuses on helping patients enjoy a safe, high-quality life with as much independence as possible. Local Monterey County home health care providers, like Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice (VNA), strive to provide exceptional care to patients and their families throughout the Central Coast.

In fact, many home health care providers offer a diversity of help, including occupational therapists, who can help your parents age comfortably in their homes and home health aides who can provide daily living support. All of these benefits reduce the levels of stress many aging parents face and provide much needed support to overwhelmed family members.

Studies show that almost 90& of Americans would prefer to age within their homes. However, in order for this to happen, they need to get the proper support they maintain their independence and meet their physical and mental needs. Therefore it is up to you to make sure your parents are getting the additional support they need at home. Keep a sharp eye out for these five warning signs your elderly parents need home health care.

1.) Their Appearance Is Disheveled Or Sloppy

Is your father starting to wear the same clothes over and over again? Does your mother’s hair look greasy and unkempt all of the the time? These signs of poor hygiene are more than just a potentially embarrassing social situation. If your parents are having noticeable trouble bathing, grooming, or dressing themselves, it is time to seek home health care assistance.

After all, poor hygiene can mean living in an environment full of harmful bacteria, germs, molds, and a whole host of harmful elements. If your parents are unable to maintain their hygiene, they could be putting themselves in an unsafe atmosphere where their health is at risk.

2.) Their Eating Habits Have Changed

It’s normal for weight levels to fluctuate, especially if one is a picky eater. However, if you notice your parents are consistently loosing weight then it’s time to check-in with them and see how things are going. Their rapid weight loss could be a sign that they are no longer able to properly feed themselves.

Also, burn marks on your parents or burnt pots and pans could be warning signs that your parents are having a harder time than usually preparing their meals. If the fridge, cupboard, and pantry have more cobwebs than food it is highly likely that your parents need help not only preparing and eating their food, but also require assistance purchasing their food.

When it comes to the health of senior citizens, one of the most beneficial things you can do is make sure they are consistently eating a well-balanced diet. If you are noticing any signs that your parents are struggling to eat, reach out to a local home health care provider to see what options are available to ensure your parents get the nutrition their bodies need.

3.) Their Behavior Isn’t The Same

It’s normal for everyone to act out of the ordinary from time to time. However, it could be a red flag if you are noticing an alarming amount of changes in your parents’ behavior. If your parents seem to lack their usual drive to accomplish goals, have dwindling motivation, or have a difficult time keeping up with returning your phone calls, it is time to schedule an appointment with a home health care nurse.

4.) Their Way Of Thinking Is Changing

Is your mom or dad’s sense of reasoning deteriorating? Do they suffer from consistent memory lapses? Are they often confused or frequently misplacing things? These are all warning signs that your parents’ cognitive abilities are changing. If you’ve answered yes for any of the above questions, it’s important that you speak to your parents’ health care provider to express your concerns. The sooner your parents get effective home health care, the better the chance of success mental restoration is.

5.) They Have Unexplained Bruising Or Injuries

One of the most noticeable warning signs that your elderly parents may need home health care is unexplained bruising or injuries. This could be the result of common accidents associated with old age, like falls. Home health care services can teach your parents how to avoid accidents while painting a full life. They can also install safety features in your parents’ home, like non-slip floors and grab bars, to create a safer living environment.