Parents try their best to give their children the best life possible. From the moment their child is born, parents are prepared to do whatever they can to make sure their child is well cared for. Perhaps, that’s why it’s only a natural response for adult children to want to return the favor of loving care and provide support for their aging parents. However, when it comes to end of life care, discussing hospice care with your parents may seem overwhelming.

After all, many people regard hospice care as a place where one goes during their final days of life. However, this is a common hospice myth. In reality, hospice care is not a place but a philosophy that focuses on providing patients with the care, comfort, and dignity they deserve. Furthermore, hospice care happens in environments where the patient would benefit most. In many cases, patients receive the support they need, including skilled nurse care, within the comfort of their home. Best of all, hospice care is affordable to many families. Hospice care services are covered 100% by most insurance plans, including Medi-Cal and Medicare.

After doing their research, many adult children with aging parents realize that hospice care services are exactly what their parents need to live a full and rewarding life. This is regardless of the amount of time they have left. They often feel a sense of relief knowing that their mom or dad will be well taken care of. Furthermore, since hospice care takes a family-centered approach, it is common for the family and caregivers to experience the benefits of hospice care alongside the patient.

However, even with all of the positive care and benefits hospice care provides, starting the end-of-life-care discussion with mom or dad can still be difficult. Sometimes, people delay discussing hospice care because they are worried it will upset their parents. However, when it comes to the safety and well-being of aging parents, hospice care is a conversation that cannot wait. Remember, your parents cannot receive the benefits of hospice care if they don’t know the option is available.

If you have been wanting to discuss hospice care with your parents, but don’t know how to begin the conversation, you are not alone. Keep reading to learn several ways you can approach your parents and begin the conversation about hospice care services.

Make Sure Everyone Is On The Same Page

Before you sit down with mom or dad, gather with your siblings to discuss your ideas. It’s important that you all share the united goal of recommending hospice care.

Don’t try to bring up the subject of hospice care if one of your siblings is having a rough day. This can cause unnecessary stress and delay getting your parent the care he or she needs. Instead, wait for a calm day when you and your siblings are relaxed. Then have an open to having an important discussion. Share with them all of the research you have gathered on hospice care.

Share meaningful articles and important information that you’ve discovered with your siblings so that they too can reach an informed decision. Once everyone one is in agreement, you can work together to plan the right moment to bring the conversation to your parents.

Make An Appointment With A Hospice Nurse

Sometimes the idea of hospice care can seem scary simply due to the patient of family member not having enough information about what hospice care really is. Making an appointment with a hospice nurse or hospice care provider is a great way to discuss your concerns. It gives you and your siblings a chance to talk to someone who is extremely experienced in all matters related to hospice care.

Speaking with a hospice nurse makes it easier to visualize what your mom or dad’s new daily routine might look like. The hospice nurse can use her years of experience to give you additional guidance for approaching your parents. Many hospice care providers are more than happy to answer your questions. Take advantage of this information to get the insider information you need to help your parents..

Don’t Forget To Listen

When you are able to find a peaceful moment to sit down with mom or dad to discuss hospice care, there’s a lot you’re going to want to say. Remember, it’s important you give your parent time to absorb all of the new information you share. Let them respond and ask questions. Acknowledge and empathize with any emotional response your parent has. Let them know their feelings are heard and understood.

Remind mom and dad that it is ultimately their decision to make. Make it clear that there’s no obligation for them to start hospice care before they are ready. It’s very important that you reassure both your parents that they will always have your love and support. No matter what decision they make.