Since diabetes affects multiple systems and functions in the body, it is especially important for diabetic seniors to have attentive care. Mobility issues and other health concerns may prevent them from seeking the routine care they need, and this often leads to complicated problems. With diabetic home health care, seniors have the attention they need to manage their diabetes in their everyday lives to reduce the risks of worsening health problems. These are the top five specific reasons why home health care in Monterey CA for diabetics is so important.

1. Keep Doctors Better Informed

Seniors who live alone may not notice every change in their health. From eyesight that gradually worsens to a change in alertness, there are several issues that doctors should know about when they happen. Home health nurses do more than just provide physical assistance. They know how to ask important questions and make visual observations that may reveal clues about changes in health.

Nurses keep detailed records and can communicate changes or concerns with physicians. Think of it like proofreading. It always helps to have a second set of eyes to catch oversights, and the same is true with a senior’s health. A nurse may notice something that the individual or family members may not otherwise notice. When doctors have more complete information to work with, they can develop more effective care plans.

2. Good Medication Management

Many seniors take multiple medications, and it can be difficult to manage them and keep up with all the other activities of the day. These are some common medication mistakes that people make:

  • Forgetting to take a dose of a medication.
  • Not remembering if a medication was taken after already taking it and then taking it again.
  • Taking the wrong medication or taking a medication at the wrong time.

Home health nurses keep track of all medications, and they often administer them. If the nurse is not there to administer medication at all times, the nurse can help the senior develop a better system for organization. Also, there are other ways to issue reminders. These benefits give seniors the peace of mind that they are not making any dangerous medication mistakes.

3. Thorough Blood Glucose Monitoring

As noted before, nurses know how to observe changes in seniors that affect their health care. For example, a senior with worsening arthritis may find it difficult to check blood glucose on a regular schedule and may skip some checks. In addition to performing blood glucose checks for the senior, the nurse may be able to find the root of the problem by asking questions.

After that, it is easier to find solutions to issues. For example, some seniors with limited dexterity can improve their abilities with physical or occupational therapy. Diabetic home health care nurses provide suggestions for improving overall wellness to help seniors maintain their ability to live at home.

4. Nutrition and Exercise Support

Good nutrition and physical exercise are both important for overall wellness. When diabetic seniors neglect either area, they are more likely to develop serious chronic health problems. These are some common chronic health problems that diabetics can develop:

  • Blood vessel or heart damage
  • Neuropathy or nerve damage
  • Diabetic retinopathy or other eye damage
  • Kidney dysfunction and damage
  • Skin conditions and slowed healing of wounds or sores
  • Fatigue, frequent infections and weight loss
  • Numbness and tingling in the feet or hands

Diabetics have caloric limits, and they must pay attention to carbohydrates, sugar and other ingredients. If they also have high blood pressure, they must watch their salt intake. Diabetic seniors often have other health issues that create special nutrition needs. When they feel unwell, they are more likely to skip exercising. A home health nurse works with other medical professionals to help develop a nutrition plan and exercise schedule that fit the needs of the individual. Some also help with exercises, help prepare meals or coordinate plans with other support workers.

5. Improved Quality of Life

Many family members of diabetic seniors work hard to help pay for their care and provide for them. Although they wish they could spend more time with their loved ones, it is impossible for most people to provide direct care for a loved one and keep working to help provide financial support. Having a diabetic home health care nurse gives seniors the compassionate support they need, and nurses have medical training to provide comprehensive and high-quality care.

Providing a loved one with home health care is a great way to improve that person’s quality of life. With better medical support, emotional support and regular social interaction, diabetic seniors can be happier and healthier.

Home Health Care in Monterey CA for Diabetic Seniors

If you are considering home health care for yourself or a loved one, it is an excellent choice. You can be an advocate for your own health and future or the health of a loved one. Providing home care for a loved one shows that you respect their independence and love them enough to send a qualified professional to tend to their needs whenever you cannot be there.

A good home care agency understands that you need support whether you are a family caregiver or someone who needs in-home care. There are several advantageous reasons to work with a home health care agency in Monterey. Team members can assist you in finding the resources you need for diabetic home health care.