VNA Volunteers Sharing Gratitude to Quinn Junghan, VNA Volunteer Coordinator

Message from Terry Heffington, long time VNA volunteer and retired Police Commander in Salinas;

“I just bought a ton of flowers (it’s my birthday) and will take a bouquet to my patient tomorrow, just drop it off on the doorstep. I’ll call my patient’s daughter to check with her.”

Message from Todd Fredrickson, VNA Volunteer;

“God bless you, Quinn.  I have been away from my family for the past 11 days, as my mother went into the hospital with pneumonia, because she would not go to the doctors when she got sick due to fear of Covid-19. Now, I get to figure out how to enter the new life of caring for my parents, as the doctors recommend them not doing anything for quite some time.

I have taken this time to reflect on the services VNA provides, and see the unquantifiable value that they provide, even if in some cases the patients or their families cannot see it in their times of struggle and grief. I hope to be back in the “volunteer” pool soon to visit my patient.  Thank you and all you and the staff do.”