become a vna ambassador

What is a VNA Ambassador?

Make a difference in people’s lives. Make our world better. Join us today and become a VNA Ambassador!

VNA Ambassadors are volunteers who have skills in community outreach and public speaking. Volunteering allows them the opportunity to use their marketing skills, people skills, and speaking skills, and in doing work that is outside of direct patient contact.

VNA Ambassadors are retired professionals who have spent their careers in work where they used related skills, such as retired teachers, non-profit directors, medical professionals, and public relations personnel.

VNA Ambassadors’ responsibilities including visiting doctor’s offices, providing hospice literature, speaking to civic, community and religious groups and senior centers, educating the community about VNA & Hospice’s work, recruiting hospice volunteers and representing the hospice at senior and health fairs.

VNA Ambassadors provide outreach services from eight to 20 hours per month. Because of their work, hospice has seen an increase in volunteers, calls from the public for information and referrals.

VNA Ambassadors take ownership and pride in what they’re doing, helping to coordinate the ambassador program and assist with training and education. In addition to their initial training, They receive two hours of additional training, including information about hospice admissions, specific cancer and non-cancer diagnoses, how hospices are reimbursed and how VNA Hospice is a not-for-profit hospice and will provide hospice services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.

One of the most important responsibilities of a VNA Ambassador is to share with the public how to ask for hospice services early in a person’s end-of-life care, to let them know that anyone can call and ask about hospice care for their loved ones. Ambassadors encourage early referrals and early admission to hospice care.

If you have community outreach and public speaking skills, the time and enthusiasm to make a difference and you’d like to volunteer as VNA Ambassador, call the VNA at  831-372-6668.