Our Commitment Is To Bring Wellness To Local Business

VNA’s wellness[at]work is a comprehensive work site health promotion program designed to meet the preventative health needs of your organization.

Our program offers organized activities and systematic interventions whose primary purpose is to identify modifiable health risks, provide health education and influence behavior change. Employee health and well-being directly impact your organization’s performances.

Contact our Associate Director of Wellness Services at 831-648-3703 or email at mfranscioni@ccvna.com.

VNA Wellness Program

STEP 1: The Numbers

Biometric Screening:

Includes employee access to Health Portal, individual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and aggregate data reports to the employer.

STEP 2: Now What?

VNA customizes an education program based on the aggregate data from the screenings.  Large group education sessions, small group disease-targeted coaching, and individual 1:1 coaching options available.

Health Education On-site Programs:

Customized health education sessions addressing the needs of your worksite. Auditorium or “Lunch and Learn” style.

Kitchen Talks:

On-site cooking demonstration, tastings and education.

On-Site Health Coaching:

  • Targeted small group coaching sessions
  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching

The Nurse Is In:

Follow up screenings with an RN on-site 6-10 months after initial screenings for individuals at highest risks or for those working on goals through coaching.


Wellness Program Consulting:

VNA assists your organization in designing your wellness program.  We aid you in goal setting, implementation, design and promotion from start to finish.

CPR/AED/First Aid Certification Classes:

Trainings available at VNA office in Monterey or organization site by arrangement for no extra fee.

Pricing information: CPR Registration

On-Site Immunizations:  Includes, but not limited to: Flu, Tdap, Hepatitis A and B, and TB skin testing or screening. Our staff can assist you in determining what is appropriate for your employees.

On-Site Immunization Details

Economic Outcomes of Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness Programs can:*

  • Reduce healthcare costs from $176 – $1,539
  • Save employers up to $613 on disability costs
  • Reduce Absenteeism Per year, per participant

*www.dol.gov Review of Workplace Wellness

With the right education, skills, motivation, tools, and social support, people can change behaviors.

Of the $3 trillion spent on healthcare, 70% is due to individuals eating the wrong kinds of foods, not moving around enough, using tobacco, or having other unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.


The cost of medical care, per person, per year in the U.S.