The answer depends upon your destination, type of trip, duration of stay departure date and vaccine health history. Generally it is recommended that 1) routine childhood immunizations be complete 2) required vaccines like Yellow Fever (for certain countries in South America and Africa) or Meningitis (for Haj pilgrimage) be addressed  3) recommended vaccines based on risk for infection to a given destination be discussed. That is why we offer an individualized consult as part of our clinic services.

Ideally immunizations and travel consult should occur weeks in advance to prepare you completely for your trip. Sometimes last minute departures are unavoidable. We understand and will do our best to advise you and provide protection/information whenever possible for last minute travelers. This may include immunizations or prescriptions for malaria medication, insect precaution strategies or antibiotics to treat and guidance to prevent traveler’s diarrhea.

We are not contracted to bill any insurance plans. We do provide a coded receipt should you wish to submit for possible reimbursement. You may wish to call your provider in advance with questions regarding reimbursement. Payment is required at time of service. We accept cash, checks or Visa/MC.

Our clinic fee is $65. This includes the health assessment, travel recommendation report, travel consult, vaccine administration and prescription calls to pharmacy. Vaccine prices are separate.

With the exception of vaccines that require a series of shots to complete we are usually able to administer all the vaccines in one visit. If you have a preference on multiple visits for the vaccines we can accommodate your request if time until trip departure allows.

Most vaccines share a similar side effect profile which includes soreness at the site of injection and possible raised body temperature for a day or two. If any of the vaccines recommended for your trip have unusual or higher incidence of side effects we will counsel you prior to receiving them. We also provide you with a vaccine information sheet on each vaccine during your consult.