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Wellnes [at] Work

Wellness [at] Work is an on-site program designed to reduce employee absenteeism, increase productivity and enhance the health and well-being of your workforce. Our experienced, professional wellness team will come to the work place to provide comprehensive, confidential employee assessments in Spanish or English. Based on data collected, we will assist your organization to identify goals for effective intervention, education, and programs which target desired company and individual wellness outcomes.

Travel Health and Immunizations

Since 2006 the VNA Travel & Immunization Clinic has provided consultations and immunizations for those traveling for business or adventure, visiting friends and relatives in distant lands, or on a mission. In addition to being Yellow Fever Certified, we offer a multitude of vaccines including flu shots, Tdap boosters, and TB skin tests


Career Opportunities

The VNA & Hospice is dedicated to providing the highest quality health care to residents of the Central Coast by meeting their individual needs in an ethical, effective, caring, and fiscally responsible manner.


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